La Bartra

La Bartra

La Bartra is a friendly place with a long history dating back to the Neolithic period and the Iberians. The mountain peasantry settled here in the eighteenth century and stayed until the 1960’s.
The small village made ​​up of five families, was then left empty and deteriorated progressively…


Over time, La Bartra became a meeting point for old and new friends, to enjoy both the practice of Taiji and natural splendour, and hiking, climbing, bathing,… and when it comes up, sharing lively evenings, philosophy discussions, music… As a result, the need arose for expanding and improving the facilities, and gradually, by means of recycling everything usable, with time and hard work, just like the Phoenix, the ruins were transformed into the present reality.


La Bartra is the legal entity giving consistency and continuity to the project, as well as the practical organization as a refuge, to be able to give a simple but warm welcome and a vegetarian diet. All this makes it possible for La Bartra to be open all year round.



Full board

dinner, sleep, breakfast and lunch


64 €


58 €


Saturday lunch to Sunday lunch


94 €


89 €


change of seasons celebrations: La Calçotada, Sant Joan, La Castanyada, New Year’s Eve

12 €

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